Account > Users Tab Overview

In the Account > Users tab, you can create different accounts for various users to access your admin. You may also click the link here to add or remove administrative privileges for those users by clicking on the User Privileges button.

To Add a New User

  1. Navigate to the Account Tab > Users tab.

  2. Click button for "New User."

  3. Enter in the new user's information.

    • Make sure to use a real email address, as this will be the email that all confirmations and/or password reset requests will be sent to.
    • The user will be able to reset their password later.
  4. Click Save

By default, all new users will have very limited privileges. Any full administrative user may edit user privileges by clicking on the User Privileges button in the Account > Users tab.

Note: To edit an existing User, go to the Account > Users page and click "Edit" next to an existing user.

Account > Users Tab Training Video