AmazonMWS Initial Setup

Our Amazon integration allows you to post items from your Crystal Commerce inventory directly to Amazon using your Amazon Seller Central account. Controls for this integration are located in the Channels > Amazon tab of the Crystal Commerce admin. To enable this integration, you will need to have an active Amazon Seller Central Professional account.

Once you have Amazon Seller Central Professional account, follow the steps located on the Channels > Amazon > AmazonMWS Account Setup page.

As of Dec 2014, top-to-bottom pricing is as follows:

  • Amazon Seller Central Professional account: $39.99/month
  • Amazon transaction fees for selling in the Toys and Games category: 15% total sales
  • CrystalCommerce fees for Amazon transactions: 1.5%

Once you get signed up with your Amazon Seller Central Account:

Per Amazon's policy, you will be a "New Seller" for about three months depending on your sales. This means that your seller account will be on probation and will not receive preferred placement until a certain sales volume and feedback threshold have been reached. Unfortunately, we do not know what the amount of sales is, nor do we know what feedback rating is the cutoff. Amazon prefers to keep these metrics as ambiguous as possible.

As a "New Seller" you should try your hardest to not cancel orders - canceling your Amazon orders is the biggest strike against you. This is so important that if you do indeed sell a product that you do not have in stock, we recommend doing some legwork to find and sell the product for no profit rather than canceling the order.

Note: International sales of Magic: the Gathering sealed product is not allowed for any Authorized Internet Retailers for Wizard's of the Coast. These retailers must follow these steps to restrict these products from being sold internationally.

Getting your products on Amazon

Each product type that you would like to sell on Amazon will need to have the Amazon "mapping" set using the controls on the Inventory > Types page. This mapping is set based on the values you have specified for the Condition of the product. Both the "Official Catalog" SKU mapping and the "Amazon" drop-downs have to be set to the correct values for the Condition, like in the following examples:

Accessories Mapping:

Dragon Ball Z CCG Mapping:

The following products have nearly full Amazon support:

  • Magic: the Gathering Singles
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Singles
  • Pokemon Singles (later sets)
  • Cardfight! Vanguard Singles

Amazon's Supported Conditions:

  • New
  • Used Like New
  • Used Very Good
  • Used Good
  • Used Acceptable
  • Collectible Like New
  • Collectible Very Good
  • Collectible Good
  • Collectible Acceptable
  • Refurbished
  • Club

Amazon Account Setup Training Videos