Missing ASIN

Any current Amazon Seller Central Professional user has the ability to submit a product with a barcode to Amazon for ASIN creation. Amazon can also create ASINs for products without barcodes (like CCG or TCG cards), but it takes input from a parnter like Crystal Commerce. When we have complete set info for new CCG or TCG sets, we submit them to Amazon, and they respond to us with ASINs once they have been created.

In your Amazon integration control panel (Channels > Amazon), you may occasionally see an error message indicating that a product is "Missing ASIN."

Why you might see this for CCG/TCG products:
1. For new products, the most common reason you might encounter this error is because Amazon has not yet responded to us with ASINs for products we have submitted to them. In this case, the only course of action for us is to wait for a response from Amazon.
2. Occasionally the ASIN data has arrived in our catalog, but has not yet been pushed to clients. Double-check if this is the case by getting in touch with us at support@crystalcommerce.com, and we will let you know what the status is.

Why you might see this for sealed products:
1. An ASIN for this product does exist, but we have not assigned and pushed it yet. If this is the case, email catalog@crystalcommerce.com with the exact name of the product as it appears in your Crystal Commerce admin, as well as the ASIN or URL to the product on Amazon.com.
2. An ASIN for this product does not exist. We are not able to submit sealed product to Amazon in any fashion; however, you may be able to. In your Amazon Seller Central control panel, click on Inventory at the top of the page. You can then scan the bar code into this field to see if the product exists on Amazon, and submit the product to Amazon if it does not.