Utilizing the Buylist

Turning on your Buylist is one way to streamline customer-to-store restocking. By following these 3 easy steps, you can list any products in your inventory to your Buylist:

  1. Ensure that the category you would like on the buylist has the box "Hide category (and subcategories) from the buylist?" unchecked. (This can be found by going to Inventory > Categories and selecting the specific category that this product is located in.)

  2. Set an Optimum Quantity (Opt Qty) for the product. (This is how many of this product you wish to have in stock at all times. As soon as you are below that number, this product will be listed on your Buylist)

  3. Set a Buy Price for the product. (This is how much you would like to spend on buying more of this product)

Note: When following Step 1, know that this has a tiered affect. IE: If you wish to have Magic 2013 on the buylist - then Magic 2013, Core Sets and Magic Singles must be unhidden from the Buylist. When following steps 2 and 3, this is located next to the product in your Products screen, which you can access by going to Inventory > Products > and searching the specific product.

Buylist Training Video