Advanced Graph Reports

The Different Revenue reports of the Dashboard include:

Daily Revenue: This shows the previous 30 day period by default. You can adjust which date range you want to see by changing the date range beneath the chart.

Category Revenue: This will help you see what you are selling the most of based on your categories.

Payment Break Down: This is going to look at all of your orders and examine the payment methods your orders have been paid with. This will show you where the majority of your money comes from.

Order Break Down: This shows you where your orders are being placed from. This will tell you where you're generating majority of your sales.

Daily Shipped: This will show you the dollar amounts that you shipped each day.

Advanced Graph Reports Training Video


Highlights Include:

0:25-1:11 An Overview of Daily Revenue

1:12-1:42 Then a look at the Category Revenue option

1:43-2:48 Of course next will be a view of the Payment Breakdown option

2:49-3:36 Then the Order Breakdown option

3:37-4:41 Last will be an overview of the Daily Shipped Option.