Dashboard Overview

The following video is an overview of the admin Dashboard.

Features of the Dashboard:

  • View Website: Redirects you to your front end website.
  • Contact Support: Easy way to send an e-mail into support@crystalcommerce.com.
  • Browse Knowledge Base: Allows you to browse through our Knowledge base articles.
  • Search Knowledge Base: Allows you to search through our Knowledge base for specifc articles.
  • CrystalCommerce Live Feed: Updates about our system.
  • Dashboard Statistics: This bar graph can be altered to show you:
    • Daily Revenue
    • Category Revenue
    • Payment Breakdown
    • Order Breakdown
    • Daily Shipped
  • General Stats: Displays your stats of the following categories:
    • Financial
    • Orders
    • Buy Orders
    • Customers
    • Inventory
    • Tax Reports
  • Communicator Inbox: Allows you to view internal as well as external e-mails that are linked up to your Crystal Commerce admin.
  • Top Selling Products: A list of your top selling products.
  • Top Selling Categories: A list of your top selling categories.
  • Oversell Alerts: Notifications of product oversells.
  • Customers Statistics: Displays outstanding store credit.

Dashboard Training Video


Highlights include:

0:18-2:37 A generic overview of the Dashboard.

2:38-3:12 Here we start diving into the Communicator Inbox.

3:13-3:57 Now we go in for a deeper look at the Right column of the Dashboard.