Upload A Checkout/Invoice Image

Probably the best way to customize and unify your online checkout and your printed invoice is to upload an image that will display on those documents. Any checkout/invoice image that you upload will be automatically re-sized so that its width is 880 pixels. This means that if your image is small, it may negatively impact the aesthetics of your checkout and invoice once the image is automatically enlarged to an 880 pixel width.

Example of what to avoid:

If you are starting with a smaller image:

  1. Download this image. It is 880px wide by 200px tall.

  2. Open the image in Microsoft Paint.

  3. Paste any logo that you might have into this image. This is recommended only if your logo is already smaller than 880px wide.

  4. Align your logo in this image, and save. Upload this image as your checkout/invoice image by following the steps below.

To upload or change your checkout logo:

  1. Navigate to the Account > Store tab.

  2. Select the Logo tab.

  3. Click "Choose File".

  4. Once you've selected your checkout banner, click on "Upload Store Logo".

Note: as stated above, if you are starting with a smaller logo, it is best to paste that image into rectangular box that is 880px wide, like the one below.