How to customize your shipping pricing

Each default shipping option available in your Crystal Commerce admin may be edited to change pricing structure, or cloned to offer full control over pricing as well as the service and carrier name.

Learn how to clone and create custom shipping options here.

Pricing for all default shipping options is calculated automatically, as described in our knowledge base article about shipping rates. That price cannot be turned off, but you can modify that automatic price by editing that shipping option. Every shipping option has these fields that can be customized:

Per Item Fee: an additional charge assessed for each actual item in the cart.
Per Pound Fee: an amount added based on the cumulative weight of all products in the cart, plus the weight of any packaging preset that may apply.
Fixed Fee: a flat dollar amount added to the shipping charge.
End Price Percentage Fee: multiplies the automatic price provided by the shipping carrier plus any modifiers you have added by this percentage. (Set to 100 by default)

The carrier and service names cannot be edited in the default shipping options, but they may be changed if you choose to clone the shipping option. The cloned shipping option will retain the automatic shipping quotes and all of the previous shipping option's settings, but you may not edit the carrier and service names. Remember to un-check the shipping option that this new one was cloned from, or you will have two of the same options visible in checkout.