Guidelines for Going Live with the POS

There are some basic requirements for our POS to function, this article will list in detail those requirements.

To go live with the POS in your brick and mortar store, require the following:

  1. Have some Inventory entered in. This should be a sufficient amount as determined by your standards.

  2. Have payment methods setup in the POS.
    If you process credit cards, you'll need one of the following options:

    • Magnetic Strip Reader – requires a separate in store account.
    • Card Terminal – these are plug and play. No separate account required.
    • Manually enter credit card numbers or no card present. We don't recommend this due to how long it takes to type in credit card numbers.
  3. Have a Receipt Printer and a Cash Drawer setup with your computer.

Note:The receipt printer is what triggers the cash drawer, these are also plug and play.