How to hide Descriptors from your direct website

All descriptors in your various Product Types can be hidden from your website. Hiding unnecessary Descriptors keeps your website interface uncluttered, and may be the helpful in many situations.
There are two options available for managing Descriptor visibility:

1. Hiding a Descriptor from listings: This will hide the descriptor and any associated data from the product details page on your direct website.
2. Enable filter on store: This will allow customers to filter by this Descriptor in the category filters view on your direct website. Disabling this preference will

To change either of these preferences, you will simply need to know the Product Type that the Descriptor is associated with.

To see these preferences:
1. Navigate to Inventory > Types in your admin.
2. Select the Product Type you would like to edit by clicking on its name.
3. Expand the Descriptors box by clicking the down arrow on the right side.