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Categories play an important role in organizing and listing your products. Breaking down products into an easily navigable is essential for the customer's browsing experience, and makes it easier for admin users when performing inventory-related tasks.

Our system breaks categories into 2 types:

  • Organizational categories: categories whose purpose is to contain other categories.
  • Destination categories: categories whose purpose is to contain products.

We frequently use the following words to describe the relationship between categories:

  • Parent categories: whose main purpose is top-level organization. (IE: Magic Singles or Pokemon Singles)
  • Child categories or Sub-categories: categories which are located within another category, and are more broken down. (IE: Khans of Tarkir or Phantom Forces)

Important: Categories may contain either products or other categories, but they may not contain both. To learn more about correctly setting up categories, refer to our Organizational vs Destination Categories Overview.

Learn how to create a new category here.
Learn how to re-arrange your categories here.

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