Variants vs Descriptors

A very common question we receive is what the difference between Variants and Descriptors. This is especially important when creating Product Types.

Variants are named after the most important characteristic that helps you determine the difference between one of more of the same product. For example, the same T-shirt is generally available in a range of sizes, from very small to very large. Instead of creating a large number of redundant products, we would create a variant called "Size," and each possible size would be a variant value within the variant size. In this way, we keep our inventory and website as neat and easy to navigate as possible.

The most common variant for TCGs or CCGs is the Condition variant. Condition is generally the most important characteristic of the card, and is important for pricing purposes. Supported Condition variant values for most TCGs are: NM-Mint, Light Play, Moderate Play, Heavy Play, and Damaged. Like any other variant value, you can define each condition as a percentage of your base price.

Descriptors are characteristics of the product that are true for all variant values. Good examples of descriptors are: Artist, Manufacturer, and Rarity.

Variants and Descriptors Training Video