How to Disable International Shipping on Specific Products

There are certain product lines, such as Magic sealed products, where the publisher has a policy against the product being shipped internationally. You will need to mark these products as "Domestic Sale Only" to prevent them from being purchased by a customer with a foreign shipping address. There are two ways to do this: Edit each product individually or use mass create to edit multiple products at once.

Editing an Individual Product

1) On the Inventory > Products page, search for the product for which you want to disable international shipping.

2) Click the 'edit' button below the product.

3) Check the box next to "Domestic Sale Only"

4) Click "Save Product"


Setting Domestic Sale Only via Mass Create

This is the option you'll want to go with if there is a whole category that you do not wish to sell internationally.

1) On the Inventory > Products page, select the Product Type and/or category(s) as well as any other search filters you wish to use.

2) Export to csv.


3) Open that csv and remove all of the columns except for the following:

Product Name
Domestic Only


4) Rename the "Domestic Only" column to "Domestic Sales Only". Fill in all values below with the word "Yes"


5) Save the file as a csv.

6) In your admin, go to the Inventory > Mass Create page

7) In step 1, check the box for "This import contains multiple categories".

8) In Step 3, click the bubble for "Only Update Products", use the "Browse" button to select your csv file, and click the "Mass Create" button to upload.