Product Types Explained

Each product in our source catalog has a certain set of data associated with it. That data is made up of a combination of Variants and Descriptors. To successfully import any product, your admin must have a place for all of that data to go. That "place" is called a Product Type.

To illustrate with an analogy: think of a product in the catalog as an electrical plug. Depending on the complexity, it may have more than the standard two-prong plug design. However, in order for the plug to fit, it will need a socket shaped exactly the way that the plug is. In the same way, all available data points associated with a product in our source catalog must have a place to go if you would like to import those products into your admin. If the product is the plug, the socket is the Product Type.

When creating a Product Type, reference our Creating Product Types knowledge base article to find a list of all supported Variant and Descriptor names/values.

Once a Product Type is created, it must be applied to all categories where that variety of product lives in your admin. The parent category of Magic Singles, for example, is assigned the Product Type "Magic Singles," and all subcategories created beneath it will inherit that same Product Type setting. It is imperative that each category in your admin containing the same kind of products (Magic Singles, in our previous example) be assigned to the same Product Type, rather than all having their own unique Product Types.

Important Product Types Topics

  • When adding a product line to your admin, you will need to create a new Product Type. Learn how to create a Product Type and find the correct Variant and Descriptor values by reading our Creating Product Types knowledge base article.

  • Learn how to edit the Condition Variant Values by reading our Editing Product Type Condition Values knowledge base article.

  • Many Descriptors will have an name, as well as a set of values that you need to add before your import can succeed. Learn how to edit Product Type Descriptor Values by reading our Editing Product Type Descriptors and Values knowledge base article.

  • Products will retain the descriptor and variant data of the Product Type they are associated with at the time that they are imported into the admin. This association is set based on the current product type assigned to whatever category those products are imported into. It is therefore very important to ensure the correct product type is assigned before running an import. If the product type for that category is incorrect or unassigned, those products cannot have their product type re-assigned unless they are deleted and re-imported.