Custom Products Overview

Custom products are easy to make, however they come with a few limitations. Due to our current system infrastructure, it is not possible to list any custom products on Amazon or TCGPlayer. This makes them a great solution for any product that you intend to sell only in your store, on your direct website, or on eBay.

To create a custom product:

  1. In the Inventory > Products page, search for the category you would like to create this custom product in.

  2. In the heading of the list where products appear, there is a blue plus button. Click this to open the New Product dialog box.

  3. From this page, you can edit basic product info, as well as input values for any descriptors associated with the product type assigned to this category. You may also upload images, and add a custom description for the item.

To learn how to use the Mass Create tool to create a large number of products of custom products from a CSV, read the how to mass create custom products article.