Order Details (Contracted view)

As orders come in, they will appear under the "Orders" tab in the admin. All of the basic order details will appear in a table on the first page of the orders tab.

Column Headers

Square Checkbox: You can check the box on the header row to check all boxes of all orders visible on screen. You can also select specific orders or groups of orders by checking just the boxes on those rows.
Green Arrow Column: This column does not have a header, but you may click on any of the green arrows in the order rows to expand the Expanded Order Details Page.
ID #: Displays the order number as a clickable link that will take you to the Order Details Page.
Customer Name: Displays the customer name and email associated with the customer. If the order is from an integrated sales channel like TCGPlayer or Amazon, the actual customer email will not be provided.
Amount: Displays the current order total.
Past Orders: Shows the number of past orders, as well as the total dollar amount of those orders.
Payments: Displays an icon indicating the payment method. You may hover your mouse over this icon to display the payment method.
Type: Displays an icon for the origination point of the order. You may hover your mouse over this icon to display the order origination point.
Shipping: Displays the Carrier and Service Names selected by the customer.
Created On: Displays the created on date. Hover your mouse over any date to see a full time and date stamp.
Additional Icons:
- Recycle Bin: Clicking this button will void the order. For POS orders, all quantities in the original order will go back into stock. For all other orders, the quantity in the "Shipped" column within the expanded order details page will be put back into stock. See "How to void an order for more detailed instructions.
- Printer Icon: This button will print the invoice for this specific order.

Contracted Order Details Training Video