Bank Transfers Overview

Bank Transfers can be an incredibly useful payment option. In order to setup bank transfers, fill out your bank account information on the Account > Payments Tab:

It should look like this:


Account Address: The address you have assigned to the account

Name on Account: The name associated to the account

Account Number: The number assigned to the account

Bank Name: The name of the bank that you have the account through

ABA/Routing Number: The routing number assigned to the specific bank you are using

Swiftcode: This is something that can be obtained by contacting your bank (It is mainly needed for international orders)

Once you've setup your bank transfers:

If a Customer chooses bank transfer as a payment option, they will receive an email with the information they need to make the transfer. You then will need to watch your bank account for the money. When the money arrives you will manually move the order to the Payment Received status.