Overview of Orders in the POS

In the following video, we will go over the new orders tab, how to find an order, how to create an order, and how to create a custom line item.

Features of the POS

  • Search Bar (Top left): Allows you to search for a specific product in your inventory.
  • Filter by Category: Refine your search to a specific category.
  • Sort: The order in which the products are displayed.
  • Out of Stock Button: Toggles to display only products in stock, or all products with or without stock in your admin.
  • Add Custom Line Item: Allows you to add a custom line item to the order.
  • Customer Quick Find: Allows a quick way to find a customers account and information.
  • Buy Order Details: Displays the subtotal of the buy order, in the amount of cash or store credit.
  • Green Items box (Bottom left): Display all products in the cart.
  • Orange Guest box: Allows you to search for a customer or create a new one.

Note: Custom line items will not be added to your inventory in the admin. They will be used only for the order you are processing.