Settings Overview in the POS

The settings within your Point Of Sale (v3) are quite simple and easy to change. Here you can customize your POS based upon your business needs and preferences.

Accessing the POS:
1. Within the Admin, select the Channels tab
2. Select the POS v3 option, which will bring up and load the POS screen

Accessing the POS Settings:
1. Within the POS, select the Menu botton at the bottom right
2. Select Settings

Settings within the POS

Clerk Mode 4-Digit PIN
- Select a PIN that will be entered to go from Customers Mode to Clerk Mode
Barcode Timeout
- If you type too fast, sometimes it will trigger it as a barcode scan in the system. If this happens, lower this number.
Credit Card System
- Select the Card System you wish to use (Magnetic Strip Reader, Card Not Present, or Card Present)
Line Item Sort Default
- Select what order the products in the checkout will appear, either Newest First or Oldest First
Out-Of-Stock Default
- Select whether to hide or show Out-of-Stock Variants in Customer Mode
Not-On-Buylist Default
- Select whether to hide or show items in Customer Mode that are not on your Buylist
Associated Cash Drawer
- Select which Cash Drawer will be associated with the POS
PIN Verification
- Select whether or not you would like a PIN to be required to make any transaction involving the Cash Drawer
Note: The Cash Drawer PIN will be located in the Users Tab of your Admin, next to your Username

The following video will give further explanation of the Settings within the POS: